CPS2burn Save-States

Well, you are lucky people! We have added Save States for each game (If it is a specific version, it says on the Game info page!), so now we are adding Cheats and game info. Please help us by donating. We need anything from a brief game synopsis to site suggestions :)

Feel free to offer a donation but please do not attach anything to your E-mail's - I won't even look at the offering (Sorry, just worried someone will send me a virus!). We are Currently looking for Save files for D&D, MegaMan and anything else that you do not see here!

Final Burn: Alpha Savestates

KAWAKs Save States

Nebula Cheats

Please Note, All Nebula cheats are from The Excellent CPS-2 Cheating site run by Mike Haggar

Haggars Place

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