CPS2burn Save-States

Well, you are lucky people! We have added Save States for each game (If it is a specific version, it says on the Game info page!), so now we are adding Cheats and game info. Please help us by donating. We need anything from a brief game synopsis to site suggestions :)

Feel free to offer a donation but please do not attach anything to your E-mail's - I won't even look at the offering (Sorry, just worried someone will send me a virus!). We are Currently looking for Save files for D&D, MegaMan and anything else that you do not see here!

Andro Dunos

Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Art of Fighting

Art of Fighting 2

Art of Fighting 3

Blues Journey

Burning Fight

Captain Tomaday

Cyber Lip

Double Dragon

Fatal Fury

Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury 2

Galaxy Fight


Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Ghost Pilots

Kabuki Klash

Karnovs Revenge

King of Fighters '94

King of Fighters '95

King of Fighters '96

King of Fighters '97

King of Fighters '98

King of Fighters 2000

King of the Monsters 2

The Last Blade

The Last Blade 2


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