CPS-2 Emulation Site's

Final Burn Alpha: The home of the fantastic continuation project of FB. Great work on making FB the fastest CPS-2 emulator out there!

CPS2shock: The home of CPS-2 emulation, Raz did what many believed impossible and achieved the holy grail of emulation! He discovered how to decrypt CPS-2 ROMset's

Kawaks: A fantastic CPS-1&2/Neo Geo Emulator. Great speed and great compatibility!

Nebula: The homepage of Nebula

Calice: The home of Calice!

MameCPS: Home of the CPS-1 & 2 Mame emulator.

CP-Systems2 Turbo: Fantastic site (if I do say so myself!). Lots of screenshots and artwork, for CPS-1, 2 & 3 arcade games.

Mr ROMs Emunews: Nice little site, which is constanly being updated! Go check it out!

Haggars Place: The place to go for the CPS-2 Cheat archive and also Nebula/KAWAKS Transparency files!

General Emulation & Fun Stuff

Emuunlim: Our host and a fantastic news site to boot! Need any info, try here first!

Retrogames: Not quite what it used to be, but home to some of the best forums!

GeoShock: Good all purpose emulation site.

Arcade@Home: Another good general purpose emulation site.

Emulatronia: Very good emulation site! Brush up on your Spanish before you visit though.

Retrogames: Great emulation site, with lots of hosted sites!

Nebula Cheat Page: THE very best in Nebula Cheats, well worth taking a look at!

Game Sprite Archive: Another Sprite Rips site... Not too much CAPCOM stuff, but loads of others!

Moves Lists: There are some great moves lists here! Check em out!

K.L.O.V.: The Killer List Of Video-Games... Great site with loads of info :) Well worth checking out!

Mario Flash Animation: This is one of my favourite Flash anims ever! Check it out!

Novas3ro: Great little site, with some great GIFs :) Go check it out!


Aceroms: A French site with lots of CPS-2 ROM's. It also host ROM's for plenty of other systems, well woth a look.

Emumania: Great ROMs site, when the webmaster is there... Usually within about 2 hours of a release it'll be there!

EmuChina: One of the biggest ROM sites on the internet!

MAME.DK: No more ROM Downloads, but its still got a great database for MAME ROMs.

MAMEZONE: Great ROM site for games supported by the MAME emulator.

EmuChrist: Got a couple of CPS-2 ROMs here

CPS-2: Weird Page I stumbled across, got a couple there

World ROMs: Quite a few ROMs here!

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