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Big Fucking Suprise 07:06 05/22/2002 LordEvilElmo
Well, looks like the guys over at http://www.gamegen.com/fightgen/index1.htm Cant even sprite rip on their own and have decided to leech all of my sprites...

Please, if you want to use the rips which I make, give credit where credits due.

NightWarrios Saves Uploaded! 11:12 05/13/2002 LordEvilElmo
Thanks to Evil Ryu for these babies! These are for Final Burn Alpha only!

Go to the Savestates section to grab some o' dat goodness!

New Pocket Fighter Rips! 10:58 05/13/2002 LordEvilElmo
Well, seeming as I haven't updated in ages and I also have been working like a B'Stard, I thought that Id relax and make some rips for you all.

They are Ibuki from Super Gem Fighters, go to the rips section to check em out!

New BEUFE 13:47 04/26/2002 MartyB

Added FinalBurnAlpha to emu list as FinalBurn now lives on.
Added 'All' to character Categories, Strangely enough this shows all Characters including any N.P.C.s
Added 'Merged' or 'Split' options to the rom search. (NOTE: All this does is search for zip names)
Upped the maximum number of animated gifs per character to 21 (0-20)
Added some 'NPC's from Captain commando.
Added some 'NPC's from DDTOD and DDsom (LordEvilElmo)
Added support for the name gfx.
Added Dynamite Deka to Scrollers
Added some data (Megaman)
Added Arabian Fight, SpiderMan, and Golde Axe 2 (all system32) to scrollers.
Added Shinobi and Altered Beast to scrollers
Added System16 to Emutypes
Added Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja to scrollers
Added Captain America and The Avengers to Scrollers
Added System18 to emutypes
Added Moonwalker and Shadow Dancer to scrollers
Added Some NPC's from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Updated 'Read Me' slightly, although I'm sure no one reads it.

:( No-one want's to interview me. I QUIT.

Dave interview posted. 15:13 04/25/2002 LordEvilElmo
I interviewed Dayvee briefly and the results are available on the Emu-X Interviews page :)

Hope you all Enjoy!

More Gem Fighter Sprites 14:14 04/24/2002 LordEvilElmo
Following a request from Pi (News poster at http://caesar.logiqx.com) I have made some more PF sprite rips :) I'll also be sorting out many Savestate problems over the next few days!


A quick tip. 08:22 04/21/2002 MartyB
In case you didn't know most of Elmo's pics are already named correctly for BEUFE. So load up the pages and right click the anims and save to beufe\anims and still pics to beufe\pics.
The pocket fighter anims aren't named correctly yet.


Sprite Rippin Elmo 12:29 04/19/2002 LordEvilElmo
Well, I noticed that asides from some savestates pages going missing, so did the sprite rips (Which is what half of search engine users are looking for!), so what I've done is uploaded some nice sprites for you all to Gawp at and given it a lovely clean new look! Enjoy ;)

New BEUFE 16:30 04/15/2002 MartyB
Thanks to LordEvilElmo for passing on the word!

Heres whats new:

Added 'Home Systems' to 'By System' this will show all games know to be on a home console.
Couple of minorbug fixes and added Satourne to emus.
Added N.P.C. (Non player Characters) to character Categories.
Note these NPCs are only listed when (N.P.C.) is selected and will not appear in the normal lists.
You can filter the NPCs by category eg. Capcom, NeoGeo etc.
Added some NPCs for Final Fight.
Fixed some Capcom rom names and added some revisions.
Added 4 more Outfit buttons.
Fixed a little bit more data. (LordEvilElmo)


BEUFE WIP Updated! 13:51 04/15/2002 LordEvilElmo
The multi-system 'Beat Em Up Front End''s WIP has been updated with some interesting new pictures!

There is currently 2 competitions running, both with prizes available to the winners! One is the spot the mistakes competition, with the prize going to who-ever provides us with the most spelling mistakes/incorrect data. The second competition is for anything which is missing. The winner is whoever gives the most data or pics!

The front end supports almost every conceivable emulator & has a nice and easy to navigate GUI!

To join the project, just go to the CPS-X Forums, sign up and post on the BEUFE chat board!

Remember, there are prizes, which are going to be provided by the head honcho & programmer himself, MartyB!

Lord Evil Elmo needs to do his RL work :P 18:47 04/10/2002 LordEvilElmo
Sorry guys, but I'll be away for about 6 weeks, got too much coursework on my hands to be able to do anything constructive on the emulation scene.

Sorry guys, I know I can get irritating with my weirdness, but hey - its work and either I do it or I end up homeless and pennyless.

New BEUFE. 16:16 04/08/2002 MartyB
Fixed some Capcom Stuff (LordEvilElmo)
Added Cyberbots US.
Simplified 'Emu Setup'
You can now create a config for each game. If no config
for that specific game is found It will try and use
Default settings.

Also COME ON, LordEvilElmo and Mike-Haggar are the only ones enetering into the competitions.

LordEvilElmo in the case of the missing HTML 07:22 04/05/2002 LordEvilElmo
Ok, hands up who's been stealing my HTML.

Loads of the HTML docs have gone missing... I have no idea why. So, I'm re-uploading them as we speak!

Oh, SFA Should have some Nebula Ending Saves up soon!

Nebula Saves? 15:50 04/04/2002 LordEvilElmo
Yep, thats right everyone. Following the Development of Nebula into a clean GUI'd beast, I have decided to start supporting its saves. May take a while longer to get em, but it'll be worth it!

Super Gem Fighters Saves are available for Nebula and the Cheats archive (Supplied by Mike_Haggar for Nebula/Kawaks has been uploaded!

Pocket Fighters Saves Released! 15:16 04/04/2002 LordEvilElmo
Well, it took its time (Due to my appendix being removed), but I've finally upped the endings to Pocket Fighter! Thanks once again to the one, the only, the mighty Evil_Ryu!!!

On another note, BEUFE is shaping up nicely with loads of new sprite rips almost ready! There is a competition to win some goodies if you donate stuff to BEUFE! So come on and lend us a hand!

New BEUFE. 15:57 03/31/2002 MartyB
Added a show 'By System' menu to games tab.
Fixed a lot of Mortal Kombat data (Mike_Haggar)
(I know more errors just haven't fixed them yet.)

Added more games to Misc. Should see more added with each release.
Fixed search roms, now finds Zinc games.


Small Update to BEUFE. 17:22 03/25/2002 MartyB
Added Strider 2 to 'Scrollers'
Added Kikaioh to 'Capcom'

Also Goto the forum if you wanna win some stuff.

ZINC 0.5!!!!!! New BEUFE. (UPDATED!!) 07:45 03/24/2002 MartyB
Zinc 0.5 has been released. While BEUFE would launch games
as is, the zip names were wrong and It would launch the wrong games so heres what new:
Added Misc category, currently only has Daraku Tenshi in
it, let me know any other emulated BEU that doesn't fall
into the other categories.
Added 'Beastorizer' and character list for it.

Updated data for Zinc 0.5. Changed Impact emutype to Zn.

Added ST-V games. Well Satourne looks as though it may be
released soonish so why not?

Goto the download page of BEUFE.

New Message Boards 20:25 03/11/2002 Loopmaster
We've got some shiny new message boards here at CPS2Burn. The old Xsorbit message boards where quite frankly crap. If you had signed up for the old boards, then you will have to sign up again. Sorry about that, but it can't be helped. You can find the new message boards by clicking here.

New ZIP. 10:18 03/10/2002 MartyB
Just uploaded the BEUFEALL2 zip.

Download BEUFEAll2.zip

This zip contains mainly new/updated stages pics. And should be downloaded with BEUFEAll.zip first and from now on all updates/new pics, soundfx etc will be in smaller packs.


Elmo Lives. 16:31 03/02/2002 MartyB
No I'm not LordEvilElmo.
But I have heard from him.
At the moment he is having trouble updating news. (AOL thing apparently)
He has however uploaded some really cool pics to go with BEUFE. Just goto the BEUFE download section and download the NeoGeo Pics and unzip into beufe\pics dir.

To use these new pics you should download the new beufe.
It has these updates:

Changed pic priority for character pics now gif has priority over jpg.

Added more data.
Mortal Kombat move lists are now complete.(That is everyone you can control has a move list, they may not be full or correct.)


Does Elmo work here anymore? ;p 08:10 03/01/2002 Loopmaster
I've just dropped by to do a little house cleaning here and there at CPS2Burn! Not that much to report really, but the urls in previous posts are now fully fledged links (damn BT won't like that). So no more copying & pasting for you lucky people.

And More! 17:52 02/27/2002 MartyB
Fixed and added some data. (Thanks Mike_Haggar)
Change Playguide Tab slightly. Now only lists any Guides available. (Thanks Mike)

Fixed some naming issues.
Changed System11 category to Namco.
Removed a LOT of useless code.

More BEUFE 10:31 02/24/2002 MartyB
From the Whatsnew.txt:
Added Sega category. Only 3 games currently listed (Tell Me any more)
Added Modeler to the emu list.

Download Beufe.zip (Main Prog and DATA)
Download BEUFEAll.zip (All the pics/gifs/etc we currently have.)(This zip will NEVER change a new zip will be uploaded with more when we have it).
Please I REALLY need feedback.


New Feature for BEUFE! 16:48 02/23/2002 MartyB
This is what the whatsnews.txt says:
Added "Home Versions" drop down menu to Games tab. This will tell you, if known, what home systems the game is available for.
Note: The info is based on there being a version available and not whether the home version is the same as the arcade one.
Also if you use the available category you MUST search your roms again
23/2/02 part2
Now you can setup an emu to the systems in the 'Home Versions' drop down menu.
Note: Only Very Basic launching of emu will occur.

Hope you find this usefull.
The data for this feature is about 80% I need info on the scrollers, what systems if any were they released for?
Post any corrections/additions on the Forum

Same urls as before.

23/2/02 part3
Added home systems data to NeoGeo category. Only scrollers missing info.

Beufe WIP! 13:49 02/22/2002 MartyB
Oh Look I can post news here!
Will I post more than Elmo?
Who knows?
Any way just to let you know BEUFE is coming along nicely data wise and to remind you of the URLs.
First off I'll give you an idea of how things are going.
BEUFE main Prog 99% done
Killer Instinct Move lists. About 50%
Killer Instinct Biographies 100% (?)
Mortal Kombat Move lists About 70% (I'm getting them done slowly)
Mortal Kombat Biographies 100% (?)
Capcom Move lists about 20% done
Capcom Biographies About 40% done
System 11, NeoGeo, and Scrollers Data still needs almost all doing.

As you can see A LOT still needs doing PLEASE if you think you can help then email me at theshacc@hotmail.com

Anyway the URLS.
Download Beufe.zip (Main Prog and DATA)
Download BEUFEAll.zip (All the pics we currently have.)


More Saves Uploaded! 11:28 02/04/2002 LordEvilElmo
This time, its Marvel Versu CAPCOM saves :) The reason it took so long? Well, I don't like the game so :P

Anything else you want added? Please please please, if you have a good way with words, donate a description or 2 for the Neo Geo games :) Thanks!

Lord Evil Elmo

Neo Geo Saves Up! 10:48 02/04/2002 LordEvilElmo

As per usual, it took me a long time to do, but the Neo Geo Saves are starting to become available. Just go to the handy little sidebar and clack where it says 'Saves' :) Enjoy! These are courtesy of THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE AMAZING Evil Ryu! Thanks again man, you are sooooo cool!

We are now looking for info on each games/cheats etc. If you have anything of use, use the Mail me button and I'll add it ASAP!

Testing Testing 1... 3.... ...8 18:34 01/29/2002 LordEvilElmo
Heya all, just testing out this new fangled news cript thingy :) It's fantastic! Expect a hell of a lot more updates now!

Ok, time to let the suprise outta the bag - I have a full set of KAWAKs saves, I'll be uploading the HTML ASAP!

Whew it worked! ;D 10:09 01/29/2002 Loopmaster
Well, the NewsUpdate works ok. Now we just sit back and wait for Elmo...

Lets Get The Party Started! 10:06 01/29/2002 Loopmaster
Well i've been tinkering away behind the scenes again at CPS2Burn, and i've enabled the NewsUpdate Script. Hopefully this will mean Elmo will update a little more often! ;p

So from now on, your News Poster's will be LordEvilElmo (Webmaster), MartyB (B.E.U.F.E.), & Loopmaster (Maintanence). Now i'm going to cross my fingers and pray that this works...

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