BEUFE - The Beat-em Up Front End!

Welcome to the home of BEUFE.

BEUFE is an emulator front-end, designed specifically for CAPCOM, Mortal Kombat and Neo-Geo beat em ups. The program itself does not emulate any of the games on the list, but instead it uses existing emulators to run the games. The front end is currently at the final stages of preparation.


MartyB - Original Concept and programing of the Front End. Its thanks to this man that the program works and that it was originally conceived.
LordEvilElmo - CAPCOM artwork and Sprite Ripping. This is me :-D. I have been specifically assigned to the Marvel Games, but Most CAPCOM sprite Rips are by me.
Loopmaster - Of CP-Systems2 Turbo fame, Loopmaster has been busy making comic artwork for the Darkstalkers games and also game info.
Benadanti - Benadanti (Familiar no doubt to everyone of the RG CPS-2 Board) has been gathering info on SNK games and is also making sprite rips as well.

Lateralus - Otherwise known as Solid_Steak or Eon_Blue, Lateralus runs another Final Burn Save State Page: CPS-2 Edge !!! He's been making us a nice logo (Viewable on the Screenshots page) and also a groovy icon.
Syous - General Dude and a great artist. Syous currently works on retrofakes. Syous supplied some nice Marvel character comic art for us to clean up...
C_Dogg - Been working away on loads of moves lists for you all to enjoy!...

Beta Testers

Lcloud - A regular poster on the CPS-2 board.

Drybonz - Another regular poster on the CPS-2 board!!

TiMan - Another regular poster on the CPS-2 board. (Notice a pattern here?) Timan also runs retrofakes (Of which Lord Evil Elmo and Syous are members), the one stop fake info site!

Special Thanks to:

ICQ: Instant Messaging Service - Without this prog, the whole project would've taken a hell of a lot longer ;-)


April 15, 2002 - Nearly a year has passed since I updated this page! My gods, I suck as a webmaster :P But nevermind, I just wanted to show you all the next phase of the sprite ripping which I have done... 3D characters! Taken me a while to get good enough or confident enough to attempt these, so enjoy!

AkiraAkira from Rival Schools

BatsuBatsu from Rival Schools

Allen SnyderAllen Snyder from Street Fighter EX+

Blair DameBlair Dame from Street Fighter EX+

C. JackC Jack from Street Fighter EX+ 2

D. DarkD Dark from Street Fighter EX+ 2

Darun MisterDarun Mister from Street Fighter EX+ 2

RockRock from Soul Edge

TakiTaki from Soul Edge

Takes a lot longer to do and the images & they may not look half as clean, but at least we are completing as many games as possible!

Kooky 3D images aside, Mike_Haggar has been helping out with our insane roster of must do character biogs (Specifically MK) and Loopmaster has started working on a secret feature with MartyB! Cool Nes Pas?

June 24, 2001 - Long time no update! Well, due to personal stuff on both mine and MartyBs sides, BEUFE took a backseat for a while, but now its back!

Things are rolling along smoothly, I have uploaded a beta of BEUFE for you all to enjoy and also the screenshots which I took :) the anims on the Sprite Rips section of this site are all compatable also :)

Well, we now need your help! There are far too many games to screenshot on my own, and far too many move lists to be written! Please give a hand by mailing me or MartyB until then! Signing off and enjoy!

June 24, 2001 - Loads to report today! A lot of finishing touches were added to BEUFE recently and any bugs with the program have nearly all been ironed out! Huzzah! I have been making some lovely artwork for the emu and re-doing the sprite rips with my new found knowledge :) Loopmaster has been busy making character bios and game descriptions, all of which are really cool! Lateralus has provided us with a logo for the front-end (I'll upload it once I recieve it! lol!) and a really nifty icon, which actually makes the program look a hell of a lot more professional for some reason....

Oh, the program is now windowed, meaning you can move it about the place :-D

Heres a lovely pic to whet your apitite!

June 20, 2001 - As with before, everything is progressing very nicely and some really nifty extra features have been added. The moves list (Although in preliminary programming) has been added, and we are looking for someone to help with a graphical interface for it. A filter has also been added to allow you to filter the characters by game in the character section and I have cleaned up and super optimized the screen shots (From 1.5Mb to 250Kbs! Damn I'm getting good at this). Loopmaster has also been a busy young lad making great looking crisp CPS-2 Comic art.

June 17, 2001 - Well, I thought that you would all like to know how the program is progressing. It is coming along brilliantly and the 4th July release date is nearing with everything on schedule. I have finished 2 sprite rips per character, so you can either pick and mix or have more than one character. Benadanti has supplied a full games list for neo-geo games, Loopmaster has made some great artwork for the Streetfighter/darkstalkers comic images, as well as character historys. MartyB has been slaving away improving the GUI and the user friendliness of the emu launching screen and generally being a cool dude and sorting everything out.

Theres very little to finish on the CAPCOM side of things :)


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