X-Men "Children of the Atom"X-Men "Children of the Atom" v2.10: The first of Capcom's Marvel titles (the latest being Spawn "In The Demons Hand") and still one of the hardest games around. In reality it's not hard to get to Magneto, but beating him is another matter. Combo's once again are the order of the day, with a healthy side order of Special Moves. There's nothing better than using Omega Red to batter your opponent into submission. The game is also very accessible to novice players, who I recommend use Wolverine. Why? He's incredibly cheesey and you can win by random button bashing! Words by LoopMaster.

FinalBurn Save States:

This save state was created by me. X-Men COTA is the most difficult of all of the one on one beat em-ups. I completed it without a single cheat (Took me 12 days to get all the characters, so v3.00 is not going to have the endings! Sorry :( This zip contains all of the characters endings (Including the boss endings) in one file. Download

This zip contains all of the secret characters (Supplied from CPS-2 Edge, another truely great save state site). Download

Nebula Cheat Files:

The Cheat File! Unzip it to your Cheats diectory and then when running Nebula press F4 to activate. It allows you to choose your player (Including Magneto and Akuma) and also gives you infinite time. Download


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