Vampire Savior "The Lord of Vampire"Vampire Savior "The Lord of Vampire": Characters come and go in the Darkstalkers series and this particular episode is no different. Donovan, Huitzil & Pyron step aside, in order to make way for newcomers like Jedah & Lilith... But don't worry as Donovan, Huitzil & Pyron return for Vampire Savior 2. It seems that the scope of the game was so large that all of the characters could not be included, there just wasn't enough memory to go around. Because of this Vampire Savior 2 was released. Words by LoopMaster.

FinalBurn Save States:

Another set of saves from myself. These are some of the best endings from any CAPCOM game, merely because they do not seem so much of an after thought as the endings to most other games. Download

This zip contains all of the secret characters Supplied by Elmo Fudd. Download

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