Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street FighterMarvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter: The second in Capcom's popular Vs. series. The Marvel Universe join forces with Ryu and pals , when the evil mutant Apocalypse threatens to enslave all mankind! For some reason that escapes me, they decide to fight amongst themselves before going against Apocalypse (And maybe someone else?).

FinalBurn Save States:

The Endings to the game! These were made by me :) Download

Secret Characters! These lovely saves were made by the great Download

Nebula Cheat Files:

Cheat File! This file is only Valid for Nebula. Download it to your Cheats diectory and then when running nebula press F4 to activate. With this baby, you can change the text to English and play as Norimaru and Cyber Akuma Download


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