Hello everyone and welcome to "The Nebula Interview."

This Interview is with the creator of Nebula the newest Cps2 Emu
and his Beta testers. Im Emulation-X , I have been in the Emulation Community since the very beginning. The following interview was live inside #nebula from what was supposed to be a small interview ended up being one of the biggest. My mission was to prove of the existance of Nebula since its mention on the Retrogames (Cps2 board) and in #Cps2shock. This interview Couldnt have happend without Spekkio and now I hope this interview will shed some light on Nebula the newest Cps2 Emu. This interview will appear first at http://cps2burn.topcities.com/ then it will also appear at http://www.Emuhq.com/EmulationX and it will also appear translated in spanish at http://emugenerations.hypermart.net/

This Interview (log) was edited by Emulation-X and Spekkio

The creator of Nebula is ElSemi
The following People are testers of Nebula (BETA 0.6)

Miyamoto, PTS, Bad_CRC, GezZ, Razoola, FreeHunt, Koiote, CrashTest
_Lugia_, Fogueman


Session Start: Sun Mar 25 12:31:16 2001

[12:31] *** Now talking in #nebula
[12:31] *** Topic is Nebula interview. This channel is moderated
[13:12] <]EmuXxx[> Welcome to the Nebula interview
[13:20] <]EmuXxx[> The interview starts here
[13:20] <]EmuXxx[> ElSemi - Why did you create Nebula?
[13:20] <ElSemi> I wanted to make a cps2 emulator long time ago
[13:21] <ElSemi> even before Dreamer
[13:21] <ElSemi> cps2 games are my favorite games ever
[13:21] <]EmuXxx[> mine also
[13:21] <]EmuXxx[> what made you decide to make one now?
[13:22] <ElSemi> well, when I started to get information about the cps2 hardware
[13:22] <ElSemi> I noticed that the program roms were encrypted and the encryption hadn't been broken
[13:23] <ElSemi> so, I had to abandon the project
[13:23] <]EmuXxx[> ok
[13:23] <]EmuXxx[> but with the help of Naz's FAQ and Razoola and Dave you brought your project back to life???
[13:24] <ElSemi> yes, of course, without Naz and Raz it couldn't be possible
[13:24] <ElSemi> The main problem was the graphics hardware, but it was very close to the cps1 so I was trying to do it with some cps1 docs
[13:24] <]EmuXxx[> how about Finalburn? has it helped you?
[13:25] <ElSemi> I started to get information about a year ago
[13:25] <]EmuXxx[> how much time was put into Nebula?
[13:25] <]EmuXxx[> and where did you find the beta testers?
[13:25] <ElSemi> well, nebula really started 2 months ago
[13:26] <ElSemi> All the betatesters are from the #cps2 channel in IRC-Hispano
[13:27] <ElSemi> yes, I've done some things related to cps2 emulation some time before
[13:27] <ElSemi> hey, If I tell that, you'll know my real name.
[13:28] <]EmuXxx[> what is Nebula programmed in
[13:28] <ElSemi> Nebula is programmed in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
[13:28] <_Spekkio_> what platform will Nebula be released under?
[13:28] <Miyamoto> W98/WinME
[13:29] <ElSemi> it will work on all Windows platforms. I used Win2000 to develop it. It's a lot more stable than Win ME
[13:29] <_Spekkio_> any plans to release the source one day?
[13:30] <ElSemi> I have no plans to release the source code
[13:31] <]EmuXxx[> Did the talks of Nebula being a fake in #cps2shock and rg forum scare you in any way?
[13:31] <ElSemi> No. Really, I had no Internet access these days, so I haven't read all they said about Nebula
[13:32] <]EmuXxx[> ok thats good heheh
[13:32] <_Spekkio_> well, that kills my next question about Raz coming up and saying it was real :P
[13:32] <ElSemi> yes Miyamoto sent Raz the beta, because I was MIA ;)
[13:32] <]EmuXxx[> that makes sense
[13:33] <_Spekkio_> is the entire emulator in C++? or do you use exsisting CPU cores?
[13:33] <ElSemi> I use StarScream and mZ80 that are written in assembler
[13:33] <ElSemi> and the graphics routines are written in assembler too
[13:34] <_Spekkio_> how long have you been programming?
[13:34] <_Spekkio_> Have you released anything else we might know of?
[13:34] <ElSemi> I'm programming since i was 15. Now I'm 23
[13:35] <ElSemi> yes, I have other program, but I can't tell you the name, sorry
[13:35] <ElSemi> i can say it's related to sound.
[13:35] <_Spekkio_> ahhhh
[13:35] <_Spekkio_> what programming languages do you know?
[13:35] <ElSemi> apart from Dreamer of course
[13:36] <ElSemi> C, C++, Assembler, ADA, Java, Pascal, Basic
[13:37] <ElSemi> I'm studying Computer Engineering
[13:37] <]EmuXxx[> very nice
[13:37] <]EmuXxx[> why did you create Dreamer?
[13:38] <ElSemi> Just to prove that DC emulation can be possible
[13:38] <]EmuXxx[> i cover DC Emulation also
[13:38] <]EmuXxx[> at http://www.DCEmulation.com
[13:38] <]EmuXxx[> if you need anything let me know
[13:38] <ElSemi> well, it runs almost all homemade demos and also Namco Museum
[13:39] <ElSemi> and the CE kernel doesn't run in dreamer, too much low level hardware emulation is needed
[13:40] <ElSemi> I couldn't believe it, when I saw the intro screens spinning
[13:40] *** Razoola has joined #nebula
[13:40] <_Spekkio_> perfect timing
[13:40] <_Spekkio_> Welcome
[13:40] <_Spekkio_> it's him
[13:40] <_Spekkio_> Gridle got him here
[13:40] <Miyamoto> at last
[13:40] <]EmuXxx[> Welcome Razoola
[13:41] <]EmuXxx[> to the Nebula Interview
[13:41] <]EmuXxx[> hosted by me Emulation-X
[13:41] <]EmuXxx[> hehe your old friend
[13:43] <]EmuXxx[> the shock of Raz scared me
[13:43] *** Tantricia has joined #nebula
[13:43] <]EmuXxx[> Hi Sari
[13:43] <]EmuXxx[> happy to have you here also
[13:43] <]EmuXxx[> This question is to all the testers of Nebula
[13:44] <]EmuXxx[> what speed are you getting with Nebula
[13:44] <Miyamoto> 60 fps now
[13:44] <Bad_CRC> well, I get 40fps
[13:44] <Bad_CRC> on p200, 32Mb RAM and voodoo3
[13:44] <FrEE_hUNt> 50 in Nebula
[13:44] <FrEE_hUNt> on K6 500
[13:45] <NAZ_> people still have p200's? heh
[13:45] <FrEE_hUNt> and GForce2
[13:45] <Miyamoto> I have PIII 500Mhz, 128Mb Raz, Riva TNT2
[13:45] <Koiote> p3 733, in 640x480 streetch , 50% scanlines I get 60fps
[13:45] <]EmuXxx[> very nice
[13:45] <_Spekkio_> I have a K6 366 that doesnt run FB full speed so there :-)
[13:46] <]EmuXxx[> How about Tantricia?
[13:46] *** Miyamoto sets mode: +v Tantricia
[13:46] <]EmuXxx[> is she voiced?
[13:46] <_Spekkio_> she is now
[13:46] <]EmuXxx[> thanks
[13:46] <Tantricia> What should i say?
[13:46] <Miyamoto> now yes ;)
[13:46] <]EmuXxx[> we had to have Sari voiced as well
[13:46] <]EmuXxx[> just Hi :)
[13:46] <Razoola> I'm here
[13:47] <NAZ_> Hi Razoola
[13:47] <]EmuXxx[> Sari have you tried out the Emulator Nebula?
[13:47] <Tantricia> nope
[13:47] <]EmuXxx[> ok
[13:47] <]EmuXxx[> Raz hows your rest?
[13:47] <]EmuXxx[> all we need now is Dave in here.
[13:49] <Miyamoto> the Nebula interface is very good
[13:50] <Miyamoto> it's just like NeoRageX
[13:50] <Miyamoto> if you have seen the screenshots
[13:50] <]EmuXxx[> what does it do that FinalBurn doesn't
[13:51] <Miyamoto> savestate slots, for example
[13:51] <]EmuXxx[> ok
[13:51] <]EmuXxx[> will it use existing saves stats
[13:51] <]EmuXxx[> that FinalBurn has
[13:51] <_Spekkio_> many want netplay for Final Burn, which Dave doesn't want to add
[13:51] <]EmuXxx[> i have a web site that hosts cps2saves(http://cps2burn.topcities.com/)
[13:51] <_Spekkio_> will Nebula have netplay?
[13:51] <ElSemi> I'll try to make an utility to convert FB stats to Nebula and back
[13:52] <]EmuXxx[> very nice
[13:52] <Miyamoto> I was saying:
[13:52] <]EmuXxx[> yes
[13:53] <Miyamoto> if you look my website, there were some screenshots
[13:53] <Miyamoto> www.emugenerations.com
[13:53] <]EmuXxx[> very nice
[13:53] <]EmuXxx[> and this is where Nebula will be hosted?
[13:53] <Miyamoto> yes
[13:53] <Miyamoto> It will be hosted there
[13:53] <ElSemi> about netplay, I'll start working on it after the first release of Nebula
[13:53] <Miyamoto> haven't you seen the countdown?
[13:54] <]EmuXxx[> can you tell those that cant read it
[13:54] <Miyamoto> the big day will be the next Saturday
[13:55] <]EmuXxx[> Is there a major goal for Nebula?
[13:55] <Miyamoto> at 6 pm here in Spain
[13:55] <_Spekkio_> will CPS1 games run in Nebula's first release, or even ever?
[13:56] <ElSemi> I have no plans to add cps1 games to nebula
[13:58] <Koiote> no real driver system, just a txt phile where u write the rom names
[13:58] <ElSemi> there are no real drivers,
[13:58] <]EmuXxx[> Raz are you here with us
[13:58] <ElSemi> there are just data files
[13:58] <Razoola> yes
[13:58] <ElSemi> with ROM names, sizes and crcs
[13:58] <Koiote> say if Raz release D&D2 right now, u can write a txt phile and play :)
[13:59] <_Spekkio_> so this means no more waiting for a new Final Burn or mame to play raz's newest XOR releases?
[13:59] <ElSemi> yes
[13:59] <_Spekkio_> this should make many people happy
[13:59] <Koiote> when a new XOR appears you just write a dat txt file
[13:59] <ElSemi> just a 500 or less bytes file
[13:59] <]EmuXxx[> which means you have to improve on speed
[13:59] <_Spekkio_> and a few devs as well
[14:04] <_Spekkio_> I wanted ask before about the ROMs.....
[14:05] <_Spekkio_> will it follow MAME, or will everything be merged?
[14:05] <Miyamoto> I think that everything is merged now
[14:06] <Miyamoto> you can edit the datfiles (drivers) and change it
[14:06] <ElSemi> you can have the ROMs split or merged, as long as the main graphics are in the parent set
[14:07] <]EmuXxx[> what about screen shots?
[14:07] <]EmuXxx[> can you please explain how that we will?
[14:07] <Miyamoto> there will be a screen factory :D
[14:07] <ElSemi> yes, screen shots
[14:07] <ElSemi> with shot factory
[14:07] <ElSemi> and frame advance
[14:07] <ElSemi> for gfx rippers
[14:07] <Miyamoto> yes
[14:07] <_Spekkio_> MUGENites will be happy
[14:07] <_Spekkio_> _MHz_ for sure
[14:07] <ElSemi> and also an audio jukebox
[14:07] <]EmuXxx[> but you will have screens for each game just like Neoragex?
[14:07] <ElSemi> with wave logging for snd rippers
[14:08] <Miyamoto> yes, like neorage :)
[14:08] <]EmuXxx[> you have a audio jukebox within it?
[14:08] <]EmuXxx[> very nice
[14:08] <]EmuXxx[> you though of everything havent you
[14:08] <ElSemi> yes
[14:08] <]EmuXxx[> very creative
[14:08] <]EmuXxx[> but no screen stretch?
[14:09] <]EmuXxx[> how has the testers helped you Elsemi???
[14:09] <Miyamoto> there are a lot of modes
[14:09] <Miyamoto> Bad_CRC gave the .ico
[14:09] <Miyamoto> for example ;p
[14:09] <Bad_CRC> Miyamoto gave the web space
[14:09] <Miyamoto> yeah
[14:09] <Miyamoto> ;)
[14:10] <Miyamoto> emugenerations will rock you will see ;)
[14:10] <]EmuXxx[> im sure
[14:10] <_Spekkio_> ok, i have a question about controllers
[14:10] <Koiote> i just use (and abuse) the emulator, and tell the author the bugs I found, the usual beta tester work :)
[14:10] <_Spekkio_> Since this is a windows-based emulator, I take it any Direct-Input compatabile controller should work?
[14:11] <ElSemi> yes Nebula support up to 4 joypad
[14:11] <]EmuXxx[> Sidewinder?
[14:11] <ElSemi> any of your pads direct input compatible?
[14:11] <]EmuXxx[> gravis?
[14:11] <]EmuXxx[> very nice
[14:12] <]EmuXxx[> would it ever support adaptiod???
[14:12] <]EmuXxx[> the vibrating jystick ad on?
[14:12] <Miyamoto> adaptiod isn`t in Spain
[14:12] <ElSemi> I've never seen that addon
[14:13] <]EmuXxx[> oh
[14:13] <]EmuXxx[> i have one
[14:13] <]EmuXxx[> nevermind then
[14:13] <ElSemi> but, cps2 games were not designed to have vibration
[14:13] <]EmuXxx[> I know
[14:13] <]EmuXxx[> but hey anything is possible
[14:13] <_Spekkio_> ok, now the sound
[14:14] <Koiote> i use a psx joy throught usb port with nebula
[14:15] <]EmuXxx[> how will the juke box work
[14:15] <ElSemi> the jukebox is just a selection screen where you can select the code you want to play
[14:15] <ElSemi> just like the audio test, but without the stupid 15 sec limit of the newer games
[14:16] <ElSemi> no, it will create a wave file with the name of the game and the sound code
[14:16] <ElSemi> Netplay, perhaps Hotkeys for the future of Nebula
[14:17] <DaDead> so Emulation-X, do u feel GBA emulation is tooooo eary ?
[14:18] <]EmuXxx[> funny Dadead lol
[14:18] <_Spekkio_> what about the newer games?
[14:19] <_Spekkio_> if somehow, someone OTHER than RAZ made a XOR for say, Mars Matrix would you be oppsed it it being used in Nebula?
[14:20] <ElSemi> somebody could make a .dat file, but I will not support these games, if they need some special fixes, I'll not make them
[14:20] <_Spekkio_> how much time would you agree is old enough for a game to be before it's emulated?
[14:20] <ElSemi> emulation is for remembering old games, not to save money playing at home
[14:21] <Miyamoto> I agree with ElSemi :)
[14:21] <ElSemi> 3 years or more
[14:21] <_Spekkio_> I know i do, I just BOUGHT a GBA
[14:21] <Miyamoto> hehe
[14:21] <_Spekkio_> i feel 3 years is good too
[14:21] <Miyamoto> yes
[14:24] <_Spekkio_> Real Life syndrome (tm) has caught you too?
[14:24] <Miyamoto> yes
[14:25] <]EmuXxx[> Elsemi have you ever talked to the FinalBurn Author?
[14:25] <ElSemi> No
[14:25] <ElSemi> well, not as ElSemi
[14:25] <ElSemi> I've talked to him using my real name
[14:25] <]EmuXxx[> sort of like what I do hehe
[14:29] <_Spekkio_> just that last one and this.......
[14:30] <NAZ_> I have a question....
[14:30] <Miyamoto> ok
[14:30] <]EmuXxx[> sure Naz
[14:30] <_Spekkio_> go on NAZ_
[14:30] <NAZ_> Why am I not a tester :) Just kiddin :)
[14:30] <Miyamoto> lol
[14:30] <Miyamoto> talk with ElSemi
[14:30] <Miyamoto> I think he will say "yes"
[14:31] <NAZ_> actaully this is the first time I have seen anyone from this project
[14:31] <]EmuXxx[> Naz who invited you here anyway?
[14:31] <]EmuXxx[> I never did?
[14:31] <NAZ_> er
[14:31] <]EmuXxx[> howed you know
[14:31] <NAZ_> I broke in
[14:32] <]EmuXxx[> I bet
[14:32] <NAZ_> I know a lot that goes on :)
[14:32] <]EmuXxx[> Naz_ is the original Cps2 man
[14:32] <{^Sho^}> i remember when Naz was releasing cps2 dumps
[14:32] <{^Sho^}> how cool
[14:32] <_Spekkio_> that he is
[14:32] <_Spekkio_> and dont forget his neogeo work
[14:32] <]EmuXxx[> yes
[14:33] <]EmuXxx[> I interviewed NaZ a long time ago hehehehe
[14:33] <NAZ_> yep :)
[14:33] <]EmuXxx[> Naz and I go way way back
[14:35] <Mottzilla> NAZ, what happened to your rockman power fighters board?
[14:36] <Mottzilla> cause I assume you dumped the roms
[14:36] <NAZ_> A friend bought it from me.
[14:36] <]EmuXxx[> Naz so that board wont go to Raz?
[14:36] <]EmuXxx[> no chance of XORing that then
[14:37] <NAZ_> unfortunately It will not be seeming any type of XORing
[14:37] <Mottzilla> ya, Rockman Power Fighters will probably never have XORs made
[14:38] <_Spekkio_> EmuX: thx for letting me join in my FIRST emulation interview
[14:38] <]EmuXxx[> please keep in touch
[14:38] <ElSemi> and to the Spanish, Hasta mañana
[14:38] <]EmuXxx[> and thanks for the beta.....j/k hehehehe
[14:38] <Miyamoto> yes
[14:38] <Miyamoto> ;)
[14:39] <]EmuXxx[> this Interview ill be posted at my site
[14:41] <_Spekkio_> we now return you to your regular IRC channel :P
[14:43] <]EmuXxx[> Thanks to ElSemi and his beta testers
[14:44] <]EmuXxx[> and Thanks to Raz, Sari, Naz and Gridle for joining us

Session Close: Sun Mar 25 14:44:53 2001


Thank you again for Reading my newest Interview...




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