Dungeons & Dragons "Tower of Doom"Dungeons & Dragons "Tower of Doom": I had never played this title, until it was decrypted earlier this year. Clearly I had not missed out on anything, as playing it bored me senseless! Disenchanted as I was, I went back to playing the superior CPS-1 title Knights of the Round. I didn't hold much hope for the sequel but I have to say that it converted me to the cause. Capcom had clearly fixed the many gameplay flaws present in Dungeons & Dragons "Tower of Doom," producing a superior sequel. To sum up? Play "Shadow over Mystara" instead, you'll enjoy it more than this. Words by LoopMaster.

FinalBurn Save States:

This zip contains the ending to the game and is quite nice by Capcom's standards. It has an amusing line in it where the elf says "Now what are we going to do for fun?" Have a guess honey... This save state was created by Syous. Download

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