Dungeons & Dragons "Shadow over Mystara"Dungeons & Dragons "Shadows over Mysteria": This is Capcom's ever so popular sequel to their earlier Dungeons & Dragons "Tower of Doom." Inspired and licenced by TSR (hmmm? a licensed Capcom arcade, there can't be many of those), you know the company who make those funny fantasy board games. That's right the games where you play with small metal garden gnomes and fight against mutant tree frogs... Anyway, the game is basically a horizontally scrolling beat-em up, with RPG overtones. Each of the selectable characters has genuinely different attributes, making the game a distinctly different challenge depending who you choose to play as. The game is also designed for multiple players, as certain areas of the game are inaccesable to the solo player. Words by LoopMaster.

FinalBurn Save States:

This zip contains the ending to the game, for use with all FBHacks! (This is for use with the USA revision of the game). Download

This zip contains the ending to the game! Well, its in Japanese, but don't you worry your cotton socks :) You really don't need to speak it to look at the pretty pictures! (For use with the Japan revision of the game). Download

Nebula Cheat Files:

All you have to do, in order to run this cheat file, is unzip it to your Nebula/cheats directory and during the game press F4. This is a nifty cheat file which allows infinite health and infinite spells! Download

(PLEASE NOTE: This cheat file will only work for the Japan version of D&D. I will update as soon as the US version is decrypted)


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