Cyberbots "Full Metal Madness"Cyberbots "Full Metal Madness": What can I say, I could talk about the huge skyscraper sized mechanoids (thought i'd say robot didn't you?), or even the slightly lacking gameplay (by Capcom's standards anyway). Instead i'll say that Cyberbots is the sequel, to the earlier Powered Gear "Strategic Variant Armour Equipment." The main premise of the game, is to slug it out with increasingly powerful robots hell-bent on stopping you dead in your tracks. All in an attempt to stop whatever evil enemy is out to destroy the Earth... Words by LoopMaster.

FinalBurn Save States:

This zip contains all of the secret robot types and allows you to play as them. This zip was supplied by Emulation-X. Download

Nebula Cheat Files:

This Nebula Dat allows access to the secret robot types, infinite life etc. Download

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