BEUFE - The Beat-em Up Front End!

BEUFE will be released on the 4th of July 2001. You will be able to download BEUFE from this page when it's released! The program requires the VB 6.0 Runtime Files (Visual basic files, without them the program will not run). I reccomend you download these before you download the program!


This is it, this is BEUFE! This file contains the program and assorted goodies! - BEUFE program files.This is the one you need to make sense of all of this junk here ;) Just unzip it into its own folder (After installing the VB 6.0 runtime files!) and then unzip all of the goodies you want into their relevent folders :) - The beufe program files PLUS all of the charcter pics/info/backgrounds etc :)

Download - VB 6.0 Runtime files

Graphics Packs


These files contain additional artwork/screenshots etc.

capcompics.exe - Grabs from the Marvel, Streetfighter and Vampire Savior series. A must for any 2D CAPCOM nut!

capcomcomic.exe - !Incomplete! Comic grabs for most of the Marvel, Streetfighter and Vampire Savior characters

Neo - Geo: - Complete Set of Art Of Fighting Character Stills - Complete Set of Last Blade Character Stills - Complete set of Waku Waku 7 Character Stills - Complete set of Garou: Mark of the Wolves Character Stills and Head Shots

Information Packs

These files contain additional character/plot information etc.

capcombiogs.exe - !Incomplete! Biogs for Marvel, Streetfighter and Vampire Savior characters!


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