Alien Vs. PredatorAliens Versus Predator: This is perhaps one of the best games ever produced for Capcom's CPS-2 arcade hardware. Who could resist the temptation of playing as the Predator and taking on the never ending hordes of nasty Aliens. It came as no surprise then, that the decryption of this title was to say the least, eagerly anticipated! I almost forgot to tell you the plot for a moment there... The Aliens have made it to Earth! Some stupid military types thought they could be used as weapons, but it seems you can't keep the critters on a leash! Play as either the Predator (Warrior or Hunter), Lt. Kurasawa or Major Dutch Schaefer and once again, put an end to the Alien menace! Words by LoopMaster

This save state was created by my good self and it is the ending to the game. Unfortunately no Secret Characters are available for this game, so this is all you get :(

FinalBurn Save States:

This zip contains the games ending & credits (The ending is the same for all four of the player characters). Download

Nebula Cheat Files:

The Nebula Dats include cheats for infinite health & infinite lives (For use with USA & Japan revisions of the game). Download


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